Serebrennikov, the court extended the term of house arrest

Serebrennikov, the court extended the term of house arrest MOSCOW, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. Basmanny court of Moscow extended the term of house arrest of Director Kirill Serebrennikov, the accused in the case of embezzlement in “the Seventh Studio”, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom. 10фотографий10фотографий10фотографий “The petition of the investigator to fulfill the measure of restraint in the form of house arrest extend”, — announced the decision of the judge Artur Karpov. The court also rejected the government’s request to release him for two days at the Bolshoi theater to work on the ballet “Nureyev” and five days to shoot the film about Viktor Tsoi. In addition, the term of arrest was extended to all other defendants in the case. Artistic Director of “Gogol-center”, the ex-Director of theatre Alexey Malopolske, the former General Director “the Seventh Studio” Yuri Itin, its former chief accountant Nina Masliaev

The star of “Game of thrones” was told that Weinstein twice harassed her

The star of “Game of thrones” was told that Weinstein twice harassed her MOSCOW, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. English actress, star of TV series “Game of thrones” Lena heady said that double-faced harassment by film producer Harvey Weinstein: at the Venice film festival and at the hotel Los Angeles. “Harvey invited me to walk to the water, I went with him, he stopped and made an indecent proposal by his gesture, I translated everything into a joke, I was absolutely shocked. Remember thinking that this is some kind of joke,” he wrote on Twitter about Khidi the first case of harassment Weinstein, adding that after this role in any of his films. Following the incident, according to the actress, happened in one of the hotels of Los Angeles in the United States. Hidi said that Weinstein invited her for Breakfast, and then I called upstairs to your apartment to

Declared the winner of the Booker prize-2017

George Saunders American writer George Saunders was the winner of the Booker prize with the novel “Lincoln in the Bardo” (Lincoln in the Bardo). This was reported on the official website of the award. The book tells about the US President Abraham Lincoln, visiting the grave of his son. In the story, he is in the border of the spiritual state of Bardo as described in Buddhism, and leads the conversation with the dead. Saunders already six times was nominated for this award. In addition to the cash prize of 50 thousand British pounds sterling (approximately 66 thousand dollars), the writer will receive worldwide fame. So, sales won last year’s novel, “Sale” Paul Beaty, the following will confer after the presentation of awards grew by 658 percent, notes TASS.

In the Kremlin commented on the tolerance of Bulk in the elections-2018

Alexei Navalny The Kremlin has taken a definite decision not to allow the opposition leader Alexei Navalny as a candidate in presidents of Russia. About it “Russian service Bi-bi-si” on condition of anonymity, said the administration of the President and confirmed familiar with the situation source. The publication notes that this decision was taken after several months of non-public consultations. Previously, on 17 October, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova said that by law, Navalny will run for a criminal record only “somewhere in 2028 plus five months.” “And now for the age? Whole life ahead of you, so it comes from that. The flag in his hands!” — said the head of the CEC held in Sochi, the XIX world youth forum and students. Navalny has previously stated that the right to be elected to the highest office in 2018, as the Constitution forbids to stand only to those who

The ECHR found no political motive in the prosecution of Navalny brothers

Oleg and Alexei Navalny The European court of human rights (ECtHR) did not find political motive in the actions of Russian law enforcement agencies against brothers Alexei and Oleg Navalny convicted in the case “Yves Rocher”. The decision was published on the website of the court October 17. At the same time, the ECHR found the proceedings unfair and awarded each applicant for 10 thousand euros, and ordered the Russian government to pay the legal expenses Alexei Navalny (in the amount of 45 thousand euros) and to compensate for the cost of his brother (11 thousand euros and 460 thousand rubles). These amounts significantly below those demanded Bulk of compensation for moral harm themselves, they evaluated a total of 170 thousand euros. Moscow does not agree with the position of the ECHR on the existence of irregularities in the prosecution of Navalny, reported the Ministry of justice. The Agency noted

Ruins released from ISIS Syrian Raqqa filmed with a drone

Ruins released from ISIS Syrian Raqqa filmed with a drone CNN has published filmed with a drone video in the Syrian raqqa liberated from the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). The video edition posted on his Twitter. The video can be seen deserted streets and dilapidated buildings: in one of the districts of the city smoke, square Paradise Square driving the SUV of Democratic forces of Syria (opposition to the regime of Bashar al-Assad’s army). Also shows the stadium and the national hospital in the city centre, which was considered the “last Bastion” of terrorists. This drone video, filmed on the brink of ISIS’ defeat in Raqqa, shows what may have been the jihadists’ last latest news — CNN International (@Mashable) October 17, 2017 During the download an error has occurred. First of the complete liberation of Raqqa, said a Syrian monitoring centre