Called the most terrifying of the article “Wikipedia”

Edition entertainment portal Buzzfeed asked the users to show the page is “Wikipedia”, the contents of which were so terrible that deprived them of sleep.

The publication of the final list of 17 articles had to provide a warning about the risk of occurrence of anxiety disorders in particularly sensitive audience.

A sample list of the most terrible content was headed by the sadistic story of a couple Fred and rosemary West (Fred and Rosemary West) from the UK. For 20 years the couple tortured and murdered young women, including married and having children.

Second place was taken by an urban legend about a deadly black-eyed children. Biography of American Lizzie Borden (Lizzie Borden), held the Prime suspect in the murder of his father and stepmother, was on the third line.

The fourth and fifth line of the rating the user gave to the invasion of air max Hedrum (Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion) and article about a possible tragic future of the Universe.

Suddenly a parade of horror stories and murderers zamacola page dedicated to the work of the American scientist Karl Patterson Schmidt (Karl Patterson Schmidt), who studied amphibians and reptiles, as well as the properties of the poisons released by some of their representatives.