The center of Kiev is blocked before meeting Saakashvili

Continued: Around the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine exposed the double cordon

Kiev law enforcement officers on the evening of 16 October blocked the Central part of the city, where on Tuesday he held a rally organized by supporters of Mikhail Saakashvili. About this in his Facebook wrote journalist Tatiana Danilenko.

“The government quarter is tightly locked. In the courtyard of the October Palace train soldiers of the national guard — even during the parade on Khreshchatyk was not so many of them. And such a big overlap I have not yet seen,” she wrote.

Journalist and volunteer Yury Kasyanov also spoke about the ceiling in the center of the Ukrainian capital. “Approaches to Bankova street is blocked off. This was not even in the days of the Maidan. Miho (Saakashvili — ed. “Of the”) not yet, but Putin’s about to attack. Peter (Poroshenko — approx. “Of the”) goddamn scared unreal,” he said.

“The government has decided to be fenced off by a fence from the requirements of the change rules of the game and generations in politics. We have already seen, right? This madness just brings it to an end,” wrote the MP Serhiy Leshchenko.

The head of the Main Department of information policy of the presidential administration of Ukraine Vladimir Gorkovenko explained the overlap in the city centre with security measures in connection with the visit of the President of Malta. “Around wine — the President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro of Preko. She tomorrow the state visit to Ukraine. Provided ceremonial activities on the area in front of the presidential administration,” — he wrote. On the website of the Kyiv city state administration has also reported the ceiling in the center of the Ukrainian capital from 06:00 on 17 October.

On 17 October by the Verkhovna Rada held a meeting, where participants will demand from the Ukrainian authorities to adopt legislation on the limitation of parliamentary immunity, on the anti-corruption court and a new electoral rules. Among the organizers of the action “the Movement of new forces”, “Self”, “Freedom” and other parties and associations. On holding a rally in the capital of Ukraine was declared the leader of the “new forces Movement” Michael Saakashvili.