“Rick and Morty”: why adults watch cartoons

“Rick and Morty”: why adults watch cartoons

American animated television series about the all-powerful scientist-alcoholic seems to be another distraction for kidalov, but rude jokes and crazy fantasy authors made to speak in traditionally difficult themes of love and family relations.

The third season of the American series “Rick and Morty” has become the most popular in the history of the project. Using crazy animation, hard humor and endless cultural references, the creators say on the challenging topics of loneliness, love, depression, and family relations.

Before the advent of the series “Rick and Morty” by Justin Royland drew a short film where the main characters were Doc and Marty, a parody of the main characters of the movie “Back to the future”.

Reuland admits that the film is Robert Zemeckis’s 1985 inspired him to create his own story.

“I just sat and waited for a lawsuit from Universal”, — he said in a Skype interview on the Big comics festival in St. Petersburg.

However, the original cartoon was only the first step in the project of “Rick and Morty”. The final form of the concept of the animated series has gained with the arrival of writer and producer Dan Harmon.

It’s the story of a half-mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty. Rick drinks a lot, his speech is interrupted by a burp and curses, and adventure, usually starting with adventures in which Rick pulls his grandson. The characters move from planet to planet fall into different dimensions, or perhaps inside the human body.

Science makes Rick almost omnipotent. He is versed in all areas and can solve almost any problem: and instantly to accustom the dog to the tray, and rescue the entire population of the planet from the unknown mutation (which he himself, indeed, caused). His methods, however, is not always fair.

In 2013, the first season of “Rick and Morty” was released on the American channel Adult Swim. By the third season the show broke the record for the channel, and became the most popular Comedy show among viewers aged 18 to 35 years.

In Russia, “Rick and Morty” showed channel 2×2 translated by Dmitry Sanduka, which began to articulate the series as a hobby.

“People are waiting for the voice-over on the day of release series, so you need to try to make it a little less than 24 hours,” he says.

“But sometimes the episodes can come on suddenly. So it was April 1, the series appeared generally without any announcements, it just aired instead of another cartoon. At that moment I had to give it all up for voice acting. A couple of times because of discrepancies with the planned dates had to be postponed voiceovers for a week. People were indignant, sent me threats, even to his wife wrote a personal message. A difficult audience”.

According to Sanduka, the draft translation it helps make Eugene Spitsyn from the publishing house “Komilfo”, where is the comic “Rick and Morty”.

“I can only bring the translation to mind: edit the lines to they fit within the allotted timing, adapt jokes,” says Senduk.

Why “Rick and Morty” — that’s funny

Oddly enough, but as such jokes in the series no, as there is no single uniquely funny character. The audience laughs at the absurdity of what is happening where you can see the evil irony of the authors (like journey to the planet shestinogih feminists, where instead of a greeting saying “I am here if you ever want to talk”).

Comical and dialogues with long complicated and sarcastic remarks, most of which belongs to Rick, the dark cynic and nihilist.

“Perhaps the most revealing phrase in this sense belongs to Morty. He explained the summer, in the courtyard buried the bodies of Rick and Morty, existence is meaningless, nothing matters, let’s go watch some TV. It ends the absurd, which is why “Rick and Morty” is still a Comedy series, and not just sci-Fi”, — says Anna Ustyuzhaninova, digital producer of the channel 2×2.

The original voice of the series is also important for comic effect. The two main characters voiced by himself Justin Royland. He often improvises, so sometimes the animation redraw to adjust to the replica.

Says Gregory Prophets, journalist and author channel about pop culture Blitz and Chips, the viewer must understand that in the dub he looks “slightly more work”.

We often underestimate how important voice and intonation, especially in American humor, which is 90% based on tone. With Reuland “Rick and Morty” is an example of such humor. The joke may not be very funny, but the way he says it, adds a very strong effect.Gregory Programmator channel Blitz and Chips

One of humor is enough to love the series. However, the creators invite the audience to dig deeper and wrapped in a humorous shell of the animated series more complicated motives and problems.

“Everything here is not based on black humor, explains Ustyuzhaninova. — Rik — in many situations, the devil’s advocate. However, he is a deep character. In the first season were about equally science fiction and the absurd. Gradually, with the second and third season, it added more philosophy, drama, vitality, and even depression”.