Kamchatka 15-year-old schoolgirl was brutally beaten for talkativeness

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the police began checking on the fact of cruel beating 15-the summer schoolgirl. On Monday, October 16, the press service of the regional Department of the MIA of Russia.

According to preliminary data, October 14, she received a message from 17-year-old friend, a student of the University that will be waiting for her in the local Park together with their shared 16-year-old friend. When meeting a student of the University accused the schoolgirl that she “blurts out all their secrets”.

“Emerging verbal sparring between the girls escalated into a brawl. As a result, the student caused the student a lot of punches and a wooden stick,” — said in the message.

Third party conflict filmed on a mobile phone.

The girl received a closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion, bruises of the head and torso. The parents called an ambulance as soon as she returned home.

Previously in the field of view of the police, none of the parties to the conflict did not fall. The student was brought to administrative responsibility under article 6.1.1. Of The Administrative Code (“Beating”). If the results of forensic examination will show that the girl suffered harm, will be considered a question on excitation of criminal case.

On 10 October in Chita teenagers beat a contemporary to the cries of “This fiasco, bro”, took video and posted it to the network. According to the aggressors, the victim staged a lynching for the fact that she kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach and one had a miscarriage, as well as “easy virtue” with the local men. The staff of the Investigative Committee has organised check upon the publication of the video.