Fraudsters have invented a way to make phone calls at the expense of citizens

Fraudsters have invented a way to make phone calls at the expense of citizens

In the category of risk appeared to be primarily retirees.

In Russia there is a new fraud scheme. The attackers call the citizens who are represented by providers or engineers of the companies of cellular communication and is asked to dial a certain combination of numbers and symbols. After that, the scammers get access to the SIM card and mobile banking.

This allows them to call at the expense of the users and to withdraw money from their Bank account, told “Izvestia” a source in Sberbank. In the state Bank confirmed the information.

According to expert estimates, the damage from the new scheme — 10-15 million rubles. Cybersecurity experts are confident that the scheme will “work” for about a year and at risk in the first place retirees. To avoid theft of money from phone or Bank account, you should immediately terminate the conversation with “providers” or “engineers”.

New fraud scheme based on the so-called social engineering. This manipulation of human behavior using social psychological tools. According to estimates specializing in cyber security, the company “Informzaschita”, last year “cyberware on trust” have stolen cards banking customers, more than 700 million rubles. This year — 35% more, that is 945 million. According to the Deputy chief of the main Directorate of security and information protection, Bank of Russia Artem Sychev, the scammers calling citizens were represented by accountants, banking or operational employees, employees of tax, were now submitted to the technical specialists.

As explained by the “Izvestia” a source in the savings Bank, the fraudsters are using a new scheme, asking citizens to dial #90 or #09. If a person does this, the fraudsters get access to his SIM card and mobile banking. Accordingly, there is a risk to lose all funds on your phone and Bank account.

To avoid this, you should immediately end the conversation with “providers” or “engineers”, press release.

In a press-service of the savings Bank have confirmed the information, noting that see active development of social engineering.