The suburbs led the top 10 for quality of budget-funded places in universities

Moscow and the Moscow region took first place in the rating of Russian regions for quality of budget-funded places in higher education institutions. It is stated in materials prepared for a press conference “Quality of admission to universities in 2017”.

Average exam have enrolled students from Metropolitan and suburban universities — 77. Second place in the top-10 ranked Saint Petersburg with 76 points, followed by Tomsk oblast. In the rating of Moscow and the Moscow region included 62 institutions.

“2017 showed us the positive indicators of the quality of reception. This year, the number of universities with the reception on a budget students with exam results above 70 per cent increase to 151 [University],” said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets.

July 7 first Deputy Chairman government of the Moscow region Olga Zabralova.said that for 2017 in the universities of Moscow region has more than four thousand of budget places. According to her, the minimum stipend for the student of the Moscow University is 2620 roubles.

This year, the region counted 95 thousand graduates. 24 June in Moscow military-Patriotic Park “Patriot” for them was prom night. According to local authorities, the event was attended by 28 thousand people.