Gone over the rainbow

Gone over the rainbow

As we remember actor Dmitry Marjanov.

In his childhood he could become an athlete. Four years of swimming, a bit of football, Sambo. Fights in the Boxing ring, and after a while tumbling and breakdance. It seemed that Dmitri was Maranova all the data in order to achieve success in the pool, the gym or on the mats, but in the fight for talent boy lost the fight his old opponent — the art.

In seventh grade Maryanov went to drama school, where he made his debut on the stage in the crowd “Tom Sawyer”. The crowd is impersonal, but the irony is that it is the essence of the acting. Just being able to mingle with the crowd, the actor can be both everything and nothing. The ability to merge with the context, and in a second turn into a character actor and put on a good performance increased the eclecticism Maryanova — he was willing to try anything.

The second time Maryanov enrolled in drama school named Shchukin. A student, he was not that diligent, but youthful head, he was not to occupy. He was bribed: as on stage, and beyond. Theatrical work a beginning actor not to feed, so Dmitry took everything. He worked as a porter, a waiter, a fireworker and a dance teacher.

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And before that — the army. And again the conditions which must shake and break through the veil of youthful enthusiasm and adult treacherous thought: why, in fact, the theatre? The answer was obvious: a scene is always there. Even there, away from home, the theatre was with him. Maryanov scored the Studio, and soon to it in part came classmates, with whom he was engaged, and even set up a few performances.