The rapist in Missouri asked the victim to give him to enjoy a beer before arrest

Russell Byrd

In the us state of Missouri the man asked the woman he raped, to not call the police until, until he will drink a couple of Beers. Reported by the New York Post.

According to the victim, at 04:00 local time came to her 45-year-old neighbor named Russell Byrd. He complained that he is sad and he wants to talk.

When the woman opened the door, it turned out that the neighbor was drunk and he had three pairs of handcuffs. He pushed the victim into the house, bound her and raped her. Byrd threatened that if she doesn’t get pleasure from what is happening, you will be killed in front of his three sons. After the rape he said, “Wait, don’t call the cops, let me first drink a couple of Beers, and then going to jail”.

As noted by the New York Post, the rapist has been charged.