Bi-bi-si in Russia has developed a plan to release a positive news for voters

Bi-bi-si in Russia has developed a plan to release a positive news for voters

Before the presidential election in March 2018, the Kremlin has developed a method that will allow you to tell voters more positive news on the work of government. About it reports Russian service Bi-bi-si with reference to the sources.

The interlocutors said that the presidential administration with the help of this method, wants to improve social well-being of citizens and to reduce the “depressive situation” amid adverse economic conditions in the country.

The first Deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, has asked the Federal government to collect information that could be used to demonstrate the improvement of life. The same task is set before heads of regions, industrial, energy and transport companies.

“All information received and accumulated in the ministries, and regional leaders in the regional administrations. Then they report all the information to the presidential administration”, — said the source Bi-bi-si. Advance received from involved information President’s administration is going through the state media.

Before the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Mr Putin will make an important statement on the meeting of the Valdai discussion club in Sochi, October 16-19.

In the presidential administration in September, “Kommersant” said that the strategy of the presidential campaign, provides for the nomination for President Vladimir Putin in two stages.

The first of these is scheduled for November: the President will announce his agreement to go for a new term. The second phase involves the legal nomination of Vladimir Putin as an independent candidate to collect signatures in support of a candidate in the most recent time that the official election campaign was the most concise.