With rap on a string: how to make world hip-hop League

With rap on a string: how to make world hip-hop League

October 15 in the United States held a rap battle between hip-hop artists Oxxxymiron and Dizaster. It can bring a site-the organizer KOTD not less than $100 thousand

Oxxxymiron (Miron Fedorov) — the representative of the Russian courts Versus (Versus, according to SPARK, was registered in September of 2016; the General Director — Alexander Timartsev). His battle vs Johnyboy is the most viewed in the world since publication in April 2015 gained more than 40 million views.

When the organizer Versus a Restaurateur (Timartsev) in his Twitter said that one day the video Oxxxymiron vs Johnyboy received over a million views and the organizer of the canadian courts of King of the Dot (KOTD) Travis Fleetwood (Organic), Oxymoron called to a verbal argument one of the best battle MC Dizaster US.

“The conduct of the battle discussed in the next two years, the initiative in the negotiations belonged to Versus, — told RBC a source close to Versus. — Had originally planned that Dizaster will come to Russia, but in the end we stopped at the Playground in Los Angeles”. According to him, the battle decided to hold after Oxxxymiron lost in the sensational battle of Purulent (Vyacheslav Machnow, also known as Valentine Guy, Slava, Sleepyhead Marmeladova, etc.). “Oxxxymiron huge interest in the stadium tour. If he won Purulent, battle with Dizaster with high probability would suffer for the next year,” he says. According to him, Oxxxymiron involved in battle for free. The artist himself didn’t want to talk with RBC, said his Manager Eugene Artsoeva.

Oxxxymiron, recorded two albums and consistently collecting full houses on their debatelove performances (ticket price for the concert in “Olympic”, which will take place in early November, starts from 800 rubles) — rap-battles are the exception rather than the rule.

For example, his opponent from Purulent Association “AntiHIV”, despite numerous musical releases on independent labels, until recently, was known to the General public much less.

Oxxxymiron and Dizaster will meet October 15 at club Los Globos in the event WorldDomination VII (WDVII) canadian League battle rap KOTD. According to conservative estimates (selling 1,400 tickets at $50 apiece and at least one advertising integration into video ($30 thousand), battle can bring organizers $100 thousand of income.

KOTD interested in this battle in the first place because of the views — Oxxxymiron in this respect the most successful battle rapper in the world, believes hip-hop by Schokk (Dmitry hinter for unscaled OSD). “In marketing terms, this is a good move, but not in battleon. At Dizaster!! and there is no conflict”, — he said RBC.

Dizaster, speaking about the upcoming battle, recognized that it is a way to attract a new audience. In his tweet he noted the increased interest from the Russian-speaking audience.

The growing popularity of battles gave the opportunity to the organizers to start making money on them. The main income sites bring the selling of tickets, merchandise, advertising and attracting sponsors, YouTube and their own streaming services.


Battle (battle — “battle, fight”) in the rap — a verbal duel between two or more opponents. It is based on the conflict. For a few rounds without accompaniment or to the beat rhyming to read-line. The winner determined by the judges or the audience.

Online battles take place in several rounds. Participants record the track on a given topic under the bit and send it to the organizers of the battle. In each round judges will evaluate the participants. With the lowest number is eliminated, the rest advances to the next round, the theme of the track changes.

In offline battle participants make pre-prepared texts in front of a live audience. Most offline battles takes place in the form of events (events), performances of which are recorded and then uploaded to the Internet.

Freestyle-battle — speech without a prepared text.

BPM-battle (BPM English beats per minute — BPM) — offline battle in which the participants act under the bit.

Battle League is an Association of participants of the battle on any sign (country, belonging to a certain culture, age and so on).

Punch, punchline (from the English. punch — punch) is one of the main methods of battle rap. A short line that has most hurt the enemy.

Dis (from Amer. Zhargy. dis — rude, insulting, eng. disrespect — disrespect) is one of the techniques of battle rap. Statement or ostentatious disrespect one participant of the battle to another. Insults to the participant or his family.

How many events bring

WorldDomination (WD) is one of the main events KOTD. Consists of two events and is held twice a year. Tickets for the match Oxxximiron and Dizaster were sold in less than two days. Their cost starts from $50. Tickets for the second event of WD, which will involve seven battles, can be purchased for $30-150.

The most profitable, from the point of view of sales, for the League was the event #Blackout6ix in 2016. “I can’t say exactly how many, that was long ago, but the tickets we sold at $30 per seat, and a full house of 1,400 people came out to $42 thousand”, — told RBC one of the organizers KOTD Troy Daniels.

To conduct the event, the KOTD spend from $50 thousand to $150 thousand Artists receive honoraria the amount of which depends on the League in which they play. According to Daniels, beginners usually get from $250 to $750 for the battle, the organizers pay their travel and accommodation in the hotel. “Middling — from $1 thousand to $2,5 thousand Top performers can count on the sum from $5 thousand to $30 thousand,” — said Daniels.

Revenue from ticket sales typically goes to staff salaries, payment of premises and equipment (security, platform, uplifting rappers over the crowd, audio/video equipment), which the organizers rented, said Daniels. According to him, usually after all the necessary payments to the organizers of nothing or “a couple thousand dollars.”

English League Don’t Flop sells tickets for battles on average £15. However, due to the growing popularity of streaming PPV services (from the English. pay per view “pay per view”) and their illegal versions of the live events began to lose the audience, told RBC one of the founders of the League of Rowan, the Fife, and the ticket has ceased to bring appreciable income.

For German Rap am Mittwoch (RAM — “Rap on Wednesday”) the sale of tickets is the main source of income (the average price is €20). If the earlier battles held twice a month on Wednesdays in the Berlin club Bi Nuu, accommodating 600-800 people, now RAM can be arranged in many large cities of Germany. Participants pay fees. “The amount depends on the popularity of the participants and the position in the ranking relative to the other”, — told RBC, the organizer of the site the Ben Salomo. According to him, the minimum fee is €100. Maximum — $500 — was paid Dizaster, who participated in the international battle League.

Filipino FlipTop, according to the organizer of the platform, brings about a 30% profit.

The most popular Russian battle-ground Versus not selling tickets for events. In most battles you can come by invitation only, platform almost does not conduct large-scale events. Business privacy policy — Versus has a strict ban on the disclosure of the results of the battle until it is published on YouTube, said a source close to the organizers. “Versus does not sell tickets on the battles and let go of only her, because “merge” nothing,” he says.