The suspect in the murder of Swedish journalist refused to communicate with investigators

Peter Madsen

Dane Peter Madsen, a suspect in the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Vallee, refused to communicate with investigators. On Wednesday, October 11, the Associated Press reports.

The investigator of the police of Copenhagen Jens Moller Jensen noted that the suspect “just doesn’t want” to talk to them. According to him, Madsen did it on the advice of his lawyer.

Madsen is the chief suspect in the murder of 30-year-old Valle. His testimony was constantly changing. Initially he said he dropped off the girl after a three-hour voyage. Then — that Valle was killed in an accident from hitting a heavy hatch on the head and he buried her on one of the Islands.

The Swedish journalist Kim Vallee went missing on August 10. She wanted to make a report about the invention of the designer, self-taught Madsen and went with him to sea on a submarine “Nautilus”. On the morning of 11 August the boat had issued a distress signal. When rescuers found the ship, there was only Madsen.