Harvey Weinstein: what’s new? Producer accused of harassment Lea seydoux and Cara Delevingne. He went to rehab

Harvey Weinstein: what’s new? Producer accused of harassment Lea seydoux and Cara Delevingne. He went to rehab

Hollywood continues to develop the plot associated with the allegations Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and violence.

About the harassment of the producer in their address reported by many famous Actresses, including angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow. Weinstein was fired from his own Studio, he left his wife, and the American and British police began to investigate cases of sexual violence in which the accused producer. “Medusa” tells what has happened with the case of Weinstein for the last two days.

The investigation, which is suppressed

Materials that Harvey Weinstein has for many years abused official position and forcing young Actresses to perform sexual acts, almost simultaneously published two amerianskie leading publications — The New York Times and The New Yorker. Both worked on articles for a few months and were aware of the fact that competitors prepare materials on the topic. “It was a competition, — said the chief editor of the New York Times Dean bucket after the publication of both investigations (published in the NYT came out earlier). We do not sacrifice quality for speed, but tried not to tighten”.

Author of the investigation, The New Yorker became a journalist Ronan Farrow, son of actress MIA Farrow and Director woody Allen, who supported his sister Dylan in the history of alleged sexual abuse by father in childhood. It turned out that the Farrow was preparing his article about Harvey Weinstein for NBC: the journalist was a leading channel from 2014 to 2015, and then became his permanent freelance correspondent. However, the channel decided not to put a story on Weinstein on the air, and then Farrow gave the history of The New Yorker. According to Farrow, in the course of his work himself, Harvey Weinstein tried to push him and threatened a lawsuit.

According to sources, The Huffington Post, the leadership of NBC was doubts about the reliability of the investigation Farrow; an unnamed employee of the TV channel reported that the first version of the material did not meet the journalistic standards of NBC. The President of NBC News Noah Oppenheim said the channel was funded investigation for many months — which means that NBC has no reason to kill the stuff because of someone’s pressure. Oppenheim has called such assumptions offensive: “We realized that we have no sense of the whole history that needs to be broadcast”.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon explain

One of the people condemning the behaviour of Harvey Weinstein, was the actor, Director and proucer Ben Affleck — October 10, he tweeted that he was “sickening” to read about the incident and such acts against women are unacceptable. One of the alleged victims Weinstein, actress rose McGowan (via The New York Times, her lawsuit against the producer, was settled in the pre-court financial agreement in 2007), immediately responded Affleck an that he is lying and knew about the habits Weinstein, in particular, from her. However, users of social networks said that Affleck in his tweet claimed that hears about harassment Weinstein for the first time.

After that Ben Affleck an remembered his own ambiguous actions in otnoenie women — in particular, the case 14 years ago when the actor on TV was grabbed by the chest lead MTV Hilary Burton. “He hugged me, stuck his hand up my arm and suddenly squeezed my left breast!” — later recalled the journalist. “Forgot all about it” — wrote on Twitter journalist Shanice brim. “I forgot,” replied Burton, after which Affleck apologized to her on Twitter. The media recalled that in 2004 he in front of the camera stuck to the leading canadian television Anne-Marie Lozik, hugging her and demanding to “show Tits”, and the beautician Annamaria Tendler remembered how Affleck grabbed her buttocks at the ceremony “Golden globe” in 2014. “I would also like to apologize,” — said Tendler.