Again by: how many asteroids to hit the Ground?

Again by: how many asteroids to hit the Ground?

The disaster did not happen: asteroid 2012 TC4, is about a dangerous approximation to the Earth was reported, on the morning of October 12 began to move away from our planet. But the question of how cosmic bodies threatening humanity left.

On the morning of October 12 at a relatively close distance from Earth asteroid 2012 TC4. Earthlings happily escaped a collision with a cosmic body, the disaster did not happen.

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Scientists from the Baltic Federal University of Immanuel Kant predicted that the asteroid will approach the Earth at a distance of 50 thousand kilometers.

By cosmic standards, it’s quite close: for comparison, the Moon seven times farther away from us. Only a few celestial objects are so close to the Ground, and every time such a convergence makes Terran strong emotions.The statement of the scientists

How dangerous to humanity the cosmic body and whether to worry about convergence with another of them?

“Most of the Land uninhabited, and represents the oceans, deserts, mountains and forests. And such things go down a few times for a hundred years in these desert places,” — said in an interview with the Russian service Bi-bi-si astrophysicist Sergey Popov.

“But even if it falls on a generalized Chelyabinsk, it leads to broken glass, a large number of recorded clips from DVRs, phones and anything else. This, of course, fuels the interest in these events,” he says.

Some of the media whipped up passions around 2012 TC4 and even called him “doomsday asteroid”, referring the readers to the biblical end of the world. However, long before the visit of the guest space, the calculations of scientists showed that its trajectory does not pose a threat to Earth.

“Of course, pneumonic plague in Madagascar deserves more attention, in my opinion, than the passage of [the] asteroid. Still, the object is moderately run of the mill”, — said Popov.

Leading the scientific community to evaluate the probability of collision with this asteroid as negligible, no more than a few millionths of a percent.Members of the Astronomical community of BFU them. Kant

The staff of the Laboratory of astronomy and astrophysics of the University. Kant using the developed simulation environment, the cosmic processes and phenomena Astro-Model built a model which exactly reproduced the 2012 TC4 orbit: it is before the approach of a celestial body to the Earth was clearly seen that our planet does not stand in the way of “doomsday asteroid”.