The former Governor suspected of stealing a pencil

Sergei Menyailo and Alexander Burkov

From the Desk of the new Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov disappeared pencil, found out the correspondent “Superomsk”. His loss was discovered during a working meeting Burkova with the permanent representative of the President in the Siberian Federal district Sergei Menyailo.

Journalists pointed to the fact that earlier in the pencil holder now former head of the region Viktor Nazarov has always stood four pencil. This fact confirms the publication of the corresponding picture. On made during a meeting Burkova with Menyailo picture shows that on the desktop of the Governor, only three of the pencil.

The authors of the article noted that the cause of the disappearance still unknown. “It is possible that writing took on the memory Nazarov, and may, acting in such subtle way demonstrated a desire for greater budget savings,” he concluded in the editorial “Superomsk”.

Viktor Nazarov and the head of the lyubinskiy district Anatoly Solodovnichenko Photo:

Stealing a pencil cost less than one thousand roubles falls under paragraph 1 of article 7.27 of the administrative code (“Petty theft”). The article provides till 15 days of administrative arrest.