Spanish fighter jet crashed after the parade

Air force fighter of Spain, who took part in the parade on the occasion of the October 12 Day of the Spanish nation (Hispanidad), crashed near a military base of Los Llanos de Albacete. It is reported by El Pais.

The accident occurred during the return of the aerobatic team on the airfield. The machine is maneuvered during the approach. At this point one of the aircraft lost control and crashed to the ground. The pilot managed to eject and was killed.


According to the publication, the crashed machine was one of the four fighter Eurofighter, based at this airfield. Currently, all access roads to the scene of the accident blocked, there are police and military investigators.

In the air parade held in Madrid, was attended by 78 military aircraft, air force civil guard, helicopters, and aerobatic group Patrulla Águila Acrobática.

Eurofighter Typhoon — multi-role fighter of the fourth generation. Is the air force of Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Austria and Saudi Arabia.