Proven wife

Proven wife

True stories issued in young age to marry girls.

On 11 October the world celebrates world day of girl child. The holiday was established by the UN in 2011. One of its main goals is to draw attention to the problem of early or child marriage, which is still very common in developing countries.

Every seven seconds to a marriage with an adult man in the world forced at least one girl under the age of 15 years.

These data in mid-2016 published by the human rights organization Save the children (save the children). Up to 20% of such marriages involve girls under the age of 12 years.

Among the world’s leaders in the number of child marriage — Nigeria, Somalia, Central African Republic, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and a dozen more countries. Devastated by a long conflict and suffering from poverty areas, parents of brides can get for a wedding of up to several thousand dollars, though often the “ransom” is restricted to just writing off the accumulated debt.

How the “bride selling” in developing countries, how many on average are there “estimated” childhood and whether girls have a chance at salvation, understood portal

Eight-year-old bride

In March 2017 in the Northern Afghan province of Samangan, officials have managed to dissolve the marriage between 40-year-old Nasrallah and eight-year-old Yasmina.

Formally, by this time marriage was fixed with the help of local mullahs. As reported by the independent Afghan news Agency Pajhwok, the deal was made the father of Yasmin soon after the untimely death of her mother.

According to local officials, the Mullah explained that he married because otherwise the girl would have no legitimate reason to live in the house of the man because she was his nothing. Her 40-year-old husband already had a wife and four children.

The Mullah and the newly-born husband and Yasmin was arrested, and the case against them to court. Custody of the girl took her aunt. However, this is a very rare case defending child brides.

Most often, local tradition and public opinion are on the side of the suitors, and girls do not have to wait even from their own parents.

Such weddings are often seen as a chance to improve the family financial situation.

Hope for a miracle

In 2014, another Afghan girl, Naghma, narrowly escaped marriage at the age of six. As in the case of Yasmina, in another family her “sold” the father. The girl’s father, Taj Mohammad, was forced to do it to cover a debt of $2.5 million

The year before, in 2013, Taj Mohammad had brought his wife and two children — Naga and her eight-year-old brother in a refugee camp. The family fled from the province, where there was fighting, and hoped that life in the camp would be safer. However, it soon became clear that any opportunities for earnings there, but conditions are extremely hard.

The wife of Taj was sick and he was forced to borrow money for her treatment. When he realized that he could not pay the debts, he agreed to give six-year-old at the time Naga for 19-year-old son of his creditor.

It was a very difficult decision. Everyone at some point give up their children, but to give Nagumo that it was too tailtag Mohammad

Naga saved the accident — only that the consummation of the marriage was learned, the American lawyer, working on women’s rights in Afghanistan, Kimberley motley. Due to the presence of contacts in the country she was able to gather a Council of elders, which ruled on the divorce. At the same time at the expense of the lender had transferred the entire amount of debt.

Marriage photos

In Tajikistan for January 2016 there were about 800 marriages until the bride 18 years of age. This was reported to the authorities, that is, we here are talking about unions that are officially registered in the registry office.