The government has offered to pay child support from the budget

The Russian government submitted to the state Duma a bill on the recognition of debtors alimony “missing” and the designation of their children, pensions for loss of breadwinner. The document is available on the website of the lower house of Parliament.

The decision in each case will be made by a court at the request of the representatives of those who should be paid alimony, but only under the condition that the missing of a breadwinner during the year are unable to find the bailiffs.

“Courts make decisions about refusal in recognition of the missing citizens who are debtors, due to the fact that the applicant in the bodies of internal Affairs with the statement about the search is not addressed — explain the current practice of the authors of the bill. When the internal Affairs agencies refuse to accept statements about the search of a citizen, because he is the debtor and his search within the competence of judicial bailiffs”.

The bill also includes granting bailiffs the obligation to inform the debt collector of the positive and negative results and to explain the right to appeal to the court.

The implementation of the normative document, as noted in the explanatory Memorandum, will not entail additional Federal budget expenditures.

At the end of 2016 wanted was 1101 the debtor for alimony.