In Metropolitan business competition decided to play assistants-twins

The winners of the business competition in Moscow will give a subscription for the services of assistants-twins. This prize is for the entrepreneurs promised the organizers of the event, told the radio station “Moscow speaking” the rector of the school of business of the University “synergy” Gregory Avetov.

According to him, women are “to schedule, to regulate the meetings, to make coffee”.

“We don’t have companies chauvinism. They have the right to be the twins. We have a free country. If they’re twins, they’re not to be deprived of the right to be assistants? We buy a salary, pay them six months in advance. We are an escort do not do. We — school of business,” he said.

Previously, netizens have drawn attention to the fact that the award for third place in the business-marathon is a subscription services a business assistants.

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