Gay treated the shop assistant was fired from the store of Herman Sterligov

The saleswoman who worked at the Kirov shop businessman Herman Sterligov, was fired because she gave a brew gay. About it the businessman has informed on the page “Vkontakte”.

Sterligov said that a former employee was dismissed on 24 September after it gave the drink a “cunt”, who visited the store on the Vyatka. The proprietor called a woman a scum and a dirty bastard and threatened other staff who will support a former colleague that will throw their “kick up the backside”.

Whether the dismissal procedure was conducted in accordance with the labor legislation, the entrepreneur is not mentioned. What are the signs of a calculated gay, also not specified.

Earlier, the Perm police found no foul words on the sign “Fags allowed” which is emblazoned on all stores Sterligov, and refused to initiate proceedings on administrative offence. The police said that the inscription used the scientific term for homosexuality, not an expletive.

Stores “bakery German Sterligov” was opened in Moscow, Perm, Kirov and St. Petersburg. Buyers are offered products at high prices: bread — from 550 rubles per kg, kilogram of cheese from whole milk — 3.6 thousand rubles. In June this year after numerous complaints from St. Petersburg residents for homophobic sign closed shop on Ligovsky Prospekt.