Two years posing as bankers parents of six children condemned to Siberia

In the Irkutsk region are raising six children with his wife received five years probation for fraud — imitation activities of the Bank on granting loans, according to the website Usolsky city court.

“The representative of JSC “Sberbank of Russia” and the Prosecutor did not agree with such qualification of the actions of the defendants, filed the appeal and presentation to the Irkutsk regional court”, — stated in the text. The consequence imputed to them also, unlawfully obtaining information containing Bank secrecy (part 3 of article 183 of the criminal code) and illegal access to computer information (part 3 of article 272 of the criminal code), but this charge was considered excessive.

The sentence, as stated below, despite the complaint, was upheld.

According to the materials of the case, from February 2014 to January 2016, the defendants have committed 15 felonies, stealing more than a million rubles from Bank cards of the inhabitants of Udmurtia, Ulyanovsk region, Krasnoyarsk territory, Sverdlovsk region and other regions of the country

The couple posted online ads on the provision of credit on favorable terms on behalf of Sberbank. The wife acted as operator: “caller Lied to citizens about their powers, positions with a view to persuading them to transfer funds, ostensibly for the subsequent conclusion of a contract on granting a loan or to obtain from them information on Bank cards”, — said the press service of the court.

The head of the family was engaged in the purchase of mobile SIM cards and Bank cards registered to a third party for activities of a family “Bank”.