NASA has discovered on Mars the “key” to the origin of life on Earth

NASA has discovered on Mars the “key” to the origin of life on Earth

MOSCOW, October 9 — RIA Novosti. Detection of hydrothermal deposits on Mars could be “the key” to the origin of life on Earth. This was stated in the American space Agency.

The deposits were discovered by observations from the Orbiter exploration of the red planet NASA.

Even if we never find evidence that Mars life exists, the new data can tell us about the type of environment in which life could emerge on Earth.Paul Delspecial the NASA space center in Houston

Volcanoes and standing water on Mars in ancient times obviously providing the same living conditions that existed at the time on the Ground, said Niels.

These processes probably occurred on the red planet around 3.7 billion years ago. About the same period is considered the beginning of the origin of life on Earth.

Previously, planetary scientists suggested that the oceans of liquid water could appear on the surface of Mars is not the result of volcanic eruptions or of falling asteroids, and exotic explosions due to deposits of frozen methane within the ice. Relevant article scientists published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Data from the Curiosity Rover, in turn, helped scientists to NASA to figure out how looked the lake of the red planet in different periods of its existence, and to prove that they were warm and suitable for life for nearly a billion years. Their findings are published in the journal Science.

In recent years scientists have found many hints that on the surface of Mars in ancient times there were rivers, lakes, entire oceans, which contained almost the same amount of liquid, like our Arctic ocean.