The Spanish Prime Minister made a change of government in Catalonia

Mariano Rajoy

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in an interview with the newspaper El Pais said that does not preclude the development of events, in which he is exercising his right to dissolve the Pro-independence government of Catalonia.

Rajoy told journalists that for the first 39 years of its existence can be applied to the 155-th article of the Spanish Constitution, which would suspend the autonomy of the region and will place the authorities in a submission to Madrid.

He pointed out that the authorities of Catalonia, should cancel the results of the previous 1 October referendum. However, he refused to negotiate about the future of the region under the threat of blackmail.

On the eve of the government of Catalonia announced the final results of the referendum on the region’s independence from Spain. For secession voted 90,18% took part in the plebiscite, it was opposed by 7.83 percent. In voting participated 2.3 million people, accounting for about 43 percent of the total number of registered voters.

A referendum on Catalan independence took place on 1 October. The king of Spain Felipe VI has accused the regional authorities of disloyalty. “Trying to break the unity of Spain, they have put themselves outside the law,” said the monarch. The Central government tried to prevent the holding of the plebiscite, including power methods. Suffered 893 people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the situation with Catalonia is an internal affair of Madrid, and hopes that Spain will manage to overcome the crisis.