The content of notes Las Vegas arrow

Stephen Paddock

Found in the room an arrow from Las Vegas to the Mandalay Bay hotel contains calculations of where he needed to aim in order to kill the largest possible number of people. On Saturday, October 7, according to CNN.

This television has informed a source in law enforcement familiar with the investigation. Earlier, CNN claimed that the data contained in the note was “significant” for the shooter.

Yesterday it was reported that the IRS discovered on account of the Vegas arrow Stephen Paddock five million dollars. It is noted that Paddock who was shot by the visitors of the festival of country music, has declared such a significant amount in 2015, source of income, he called gambling. Investigators do not exclude that some of this money could bring investment.

1 Oct 64-year-old American Steven Paddock opened fire from automatic weapons by members of the festival of country music, being on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, and then killed himself. Killed 59 people, injured more than 500.