Like dresses Meghan Markle

Like dresses Meghan Markle

Prince Harry finally stopped hiding their relationship with Meghan Markle for the last week, lovers have already several times published in the status of a couple, and accompanied by the mother of actress Doria Raglan. The public is puzzled. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle behave in public is very relaxed, but the problem is not even that. Can the potential bride of Prince wearing ripped jeans, understood “Газета.Ru”.

After the official confirmation of the romance rumors with Prince Harry 36-year-old actress Meghan Markle became a figure for discussion in the network. There are many: the older girlfriend of the Prince for three years, she has already got a divorce and from my mom she inherited the African-American roots, what could be the problem if it becomes a member of the Royal family. However, Markle did not shy about his biography and is not going to adjust to the norms of the Royal family. This she says by using known technique, which is used by women dignitaries through the clothes.

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At the end of September in Toronto, hosted the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games (the”Games of the unconquered”) — international competitions current and former military who have become disabled, which on the initiative of Prince Harry are for the fourth consecutive year in different countries. On the second day of the event was scheduled athletic competitions, which Megan came in a white blouse and torn jeans.

Of course, no one was waiting for her ball gowns and ship the head, but how appropriate to receive a potential member of the Royal family in such a casual way?

#PrinceHarry has been seen for the first time with his girlfriend, #MeghanMarkle at the Invictus #Games taking place in #Toronto, #Canada.

— Banana Leaks (@banana_leaks) September 26, 2017
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Netizens immediately compared the outfit Megan with images chosen by Kate Middleton for similar events. So, to sporting SportsAid event, held in one of the parks in London, the Duchess of Cambridge picked up a dark blue jacket, striped top and plain blue jeans is a classic casual design without any questionable accents.

However, to compare the style of these women has no meaning. Since my student days Kate gave preference to the humble, feminine things, and becoming the wife of Prince William, went on the style of the late Princess Diana. If Middleton knew that could become a member of the Royal family at 20, Markle at the same age was quite different tasks in life. Since childhood, Megan was often on the set, and getting a higher education, and decided to become an actress. Therefore, most of the wardrobe Markle not much different from the wardrobe of Hollywood stars: the leather leggings, straight cut, tight jeans with ripped knees, a bright handbag.