Derailed freight train paralyzed the movement of trains near Tula

A major railway accident paralyzed the movement of trains in the Tula region. Restore his plan by 14:00 MSK, said “the” the official representative of the Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor’s office Yekaterina Korotkova.

On Friday, October 6, at 02:45 GMT on 318-m kilometre of a stage Malaya Andreyevka — Turdey of the Moscow railway for unclear reasons the rails came off the locomotive and 24 cars of a freight train. “The result was damaged several hundred metres of railway track in both directions, the traffic on this stretch is suspended. A passenger train and commuter train Tula — Moscow aimed at an alternative branch. Initiated investigation into the causes of the emergency,” — said Ekaterina Korotkova.

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As a result of incident nobody has suffered. Material damage, according to the source “” in law enforcement, is estimated at the sum more than 25 million rubles. With rails in particular, came in and toppled 11 carriages with gravel, 3 tanks gasoline, 6 wagons with mineral fertilizers and the carriage 3 loaded with metal.

“The cause of the incident is not installed, but to say that the accident was the result of outside interference in the operations of the railway, no reason. The basic version — the deterioration of the railroad tracks,” — said the source edition.

On liquidation of consequences of emergency has 250 employees and some emergency trains.