The media found out about buying Las Vegas shot caller aggression sedative

Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock, staged on the evening of 1 October a massacre at Las Vegas (Nevada), this summer acquired a potent prescription sedative, which in certain situations can cause the patient’s outbreak of aggression. This writes the newspaper the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In June, the 64-year-old Paddock was prescribed 50 tablets of the drug diazepam dosage 10 mg. The doctor advised him to take the drug once a day. On the same day Paddock was purchased by “Valium” (one of the trade names of diazepam) in the city pharmacy Reno. For the purchase of the Paddock paid their money without using health insurance.

In the office of doctor Steven Winkler, issued to Paddock diazepam, refused to disclose whether he was a patient of Winkler.

The chief physician of a rehabilitation Center in Las Vegas Mel Paul told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that diazepam can cause complications in patients who are trying to appease with this drug. “It’s very similar to what happens when you give alcohol to some people. They become aggressive, and do not go to sleep,” he added.

Also diazepam enhances the action hypnotics, narcotics, antipsychotic, analgesic drugs, and alcohol. Taking the drug for a long period of time can lead to dependence on him. In Russia the turnover of diazepam is limited since 2013.

October 1, the Paddock opened fire from automatic weapons by members of the festival of country music, being on the 32nd floor, in a room at Mandalay Bay, and then killed himself. Because of his actions killed 59 people, injured more than 500.

In his room was found 23 weapons, including 19 guns, thousands of rounds, and at his home in Mesquite (Nevada) police found explosives and its components.