Putin called the main character in the history of Russia

Putin called the main character in the history of Russia

President Vladimir Putin called the people the protagonist in the history of Russia. He stated this during a meeting with winners of the national contest “Teacher of year of Russia-2017” in the State Kremlin Palace, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Forum participants recalled that in the past, Putin claimed that the key figure in Russian history was the Emperor Alexander III. The President replied that Alexander III was an outstanding figure and one of the “builders” of Russia.

Putin added that the Russian history, many prominent people and “so easy to point the finger very difficult.”

The President of Russia met with the teachers ahead of teachers ‘ Day, celebrated on 5 October, and congratulated them on their professional holiday.

In December 2016, the President said that you must “learn to perceive the past” Russia is the way it is. He stressed that we must remember as “light” and “tragic page” in its history.

In October of the same year, speaking at a meeting of the state Duma of the seventh convocation, the Russian leader said that Russia’s strength in its people, people, traditions, culture and the economy. “The power of Russia inside ourselves,” he said.

In April 2016, Putin has created a Fund “History of the Fatherland.” Its aim is to popularize Russian history in Russia and abroad, preservation of historical heritage and traditions of the country, and support programs of historical education.