In the grip of anorexia: how to defeat a starving monster?

In the grip of anorexia: how to defeat a starving monster?

The last two years, Maya is in the grip of anorexia. Illness prevented her to graduate on time school, but she wants to get a certificate to enter the University. Will she have enough strength? Below — her story.

Maya walks down to the kitchen where her mother hastily trying to cook dinner. If the food isn’t ready by a certain time, the Maya may even refuse to eat.

Boleznennostew eating behavior

It’s too late to heat the oven, so the mother quickly begins to fry on a hot pan without oil for two vegetarian sausages. Maya sees it and freezes in place.

“Why would you fry? her voice audible panic. — You’re supposed to cook them in the oven!” This is followed by a heated argument, and Maya anger goes. Lunch is spoiled.

This is a common story since then, as Maia developed anorexia.

“I hate my condition,” she says.

It’s more than just not give yourself to eat. This means do not give yourself to see friends, not to allow to communicate with family, do not give yourself an education.

Maya missed almost an entire school year, but now he has decided that he wants to pass exams and go to University. He wants so much that now it is subject to absolutely everything.

“These exams is the key to prove to myself that I have a life outside of this disease that I can overcome. In moments of doubt, I suddenly get scared because if I fail my exams, how I heal, how can I achieve something in life?” — says the girl.

The fear of recovery

Studies is difficult. Hard to focus when you want to eat, and after eating Maya feels the need to exercise.

“I’m already stressed just thinking about having to sit down and stop moving constantly. Every moment of your life you need to make every effort to expend energy to compensate for the food that you eat,” she explains.

As suggested by Maya’s mother, the exams will help her daughter to focus, which in turn can help with the recovery.

“These exams for the certificate to pass quite difficult, and it is stimulating. If she is selected, she will be completely lost,” says the woman.

Maya knows what she needs to nourish the brain to learn but the idea that she can get fat, drives her terror.

“It’s a phobia, and you’re constantly afraid of the consequences, which will lead to your recovery. I constantly feel that I have eaten every piece is a failure, that’s my weakness,” explains Maya.

Her unhealthy relationship with food began when, two years ago, at the age of 16 years old, Maya was preparing to take the examination to receive the certificate about incomplete secondary education (British GCSE).

Then she told her mother that every day wants to have dinner no later than seven in the evening and will not eat any chocolate or ice cream or meat — only, in her words, “useful food”, that is, vegetables and fish.

It all started as if from a healthy diet. I told myself I have to eat right.

But it soon became clear that the case is still in the notorious calories. But then she got a lot of exercise to burn calories eaten.

“I was secretly doing exercises in my room. Or are we cursed at home, and then I slammed the door and went for a run.”

The struggle for each piece

To move into senior, graduation, classes where seriously I had to sit down for textbooks, all she ate — steamed vegetables.

Maya started to lose weight, but at first no one knew how much. Her mother thought that her daughter just pulled out.

When Maya stopped menstruating, she never said.

In November last year, when an old friend noticed the unhealthy of Maya, her family realized it.

Family doctor sent Maya to the hospital, and finally in January she was called to the reception.

“Oh, it was a very stressful day, remembers Maya. We didn’t realize how serious it is, until I visited”.

Maya weighed significantly less than normal. Her blood pressure was not even checked — the doctor thought that he had broken the machine, but then it turned out that her heart rate is also barely detectable.

They came just in time — the doctors said she was lucky that she was still alive.

She started losing hair, and all of it was covered with fuzz — the whole body.

“I was in shock. All I wanted was to bring her home safely,” says her mother.

She agreed with the doctors that will care for Maya in the house — according to strict regulations.

Since then, these two women are in constant struggle with — someone who will overcome? The only way for Maya to recover is to eat and gain weight, but just that she does not want to do — because of anorexia.

“It’s like a prison sentence. Absolutely exhausting because my whole life has been spent on it to eat the desired food,” sighs the mother.