In Novosibirsk the bus has found a colony of mushrooms

In Novosibirsk the bus has found a colony of mushrooms

Passengers of a share taxi No. 34 from close range managed to capture the colony marshrutochnom mushrooms, sprouting right through the floor in the car. This tells the public “Novosibirsk service of evacuation, “AST-54”, specializing in the reports of accidents and emergencies.

The transport of mycelium caused by natural contest of wit among users, collecting three pages of comments. Experienced pickers and far from Mycology inhabitants of the social network determine the choice of the name for the phenomenon.

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The highest approval use “podrazumevani”, “podsedice Guzeliya”, “Gazipasa”, “hazelnutty”, “hazaragi” and uncompromising “are”.

Separately users noted the poetic line, published by the moderator of the public: “this is no joke, gathered the mushrooms in the bus.”

In January, Chinese netizens made fun of the bus driver, who was driving the car with his foot without looking up from his smartphone. Terrified passengers captured the extreme on video, and then filed a complaint with the police.