Posner asked the organizers taffy to give up the name and figurines

Posner asked the organizers taffy to give up the name and figurines

The broadcaster said that the current order of selection of the winners is far from democracy.

Moscow. 4 Oct. INTERFAX.RU Journalist and TV host Vladimir Pozner asked the Committee of industrial television awards, which awards the prize TEFI, to stop using to award this title and to refuse delivery of the statuette “Orpheus”, made by Ernst Neizvestny, as the current procedure of taffy, in his opinion, “has nothing to do with democratic choice.”

As stated in an open letter to Posner, published on its website, in 1994 he became President of enthusiasts of the Russian television Academy and appealed to an outstanding sculptor of the Unknown with a request to create a prize for winners of competition TEFI. According to Posner, the sculptor agreed, but demanded a guarantee that the selection of the finalists and winners will be democratic. He made me promise if democracy is the choice of the recipients of the statues of Orpheus will not be met, Posner will do everything that she was no longer given.

“With all the rough edges and shortcomings of the contest TEFI selection of the finalists and winners were absolutely democratic: it was attended by all the members of the Academy, each decided for himself, in the discussion of any nominations he wants to attend, and choosing the winners was attended by all, without exception, the members of the Academy. The election of finalists and winners was secret,” reminded Posner.