How trump became an opponent of gun control

How trump became an opponent of gun control

What is the response to the shooting in Las Vegas may give the White house? If you take to interpret the statements of us President Donald trump about the control of arms sales, it is important to pay attention to when it was made a particular statement.

As happened with many other views current President of the United States, his opinion on the control of arms sales in recent years has shifted “right”.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the years trump has supported a ban on the sale of military weapons, e.g. assault rifles, which are characterized by their ability to create a high density of fire and have the mode of firing bursts.

“In General, I’m against controlling the sale of weapons, but I support the ban on assault weapons and in favor of the introduction of a longer period for obtaining permission for purchasing weapons,” trump writes in the book published in the 2000 book “the America we deserve.”

In 2012, trump has supported the call of Barack Obama to tighten control over the sale of weapons after the school shooting in Connecticut, which killed 26 people, including 20 children.

From the moment when trump began to prepare for the presidential race, his views on gun control have changed.

At the time, when in 2015 he announced his participation in the elections, his views regarding control over the sale of weapons in line with the Republican party, according to which the introduction of any restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns would violate the Second amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The reputation of a conservative

This position was one of the ways to promote its reputation as a conservative — showing that he is not a liberal from the big city, as he sometimes seemed.

In October 2015, participating in the debate of the Republican party, he noted that he often carries a gun and called the creation of a “weapons-free zones” (places where it is forbidden to come with guns) in schools, churches and other places disaster. In his opinion, this decision turned schools and churches an attractive target for psychopaths, who know that they will not get back.

Trump often said that the answer to mass murder could be an increase in the number of citizens owning firearms. He claimed that the death toll in Paris and San Bernardino would be much less if some of the victims of the attack was with a weapon.

In may 2016 the national rifle Association of America, which is considered part of the so-called “gun lobby” in the country, has officially endorsed trump in struggle for the right to become the official candidate of the Republican party for the presidency of the country.