The trial of a teenager from Russia has started in the capital of Norway

The trial of a teenager from Russia has started in the capital of Norway

MOSCOW, 2 Oct. /TASS/. The trial in the case of 17-year-old Russian, who in April was arrested in the centre of Oslo with the explosive device, began on Monday in the District court of the Norwegian capital. This was reported by the newspaper “Aftenposten”.

This is explained by a special procedure that can be applied to the defendant because he was not yet 18 years old and he has special rights under the UN Convention on the rights of the child. His name was also not disclosed.

Since detention in April, the Russian was in custody, he repeatedly extended the arrest, and in July the court of Appeal had denied his release.

A Russian citizen was arrested in the Norwegian capital on the evening of 8 April. When he had himself a suspicious object, which police and security services believe a low-power explosive device, consisting of a container with gas for cigarette lighters and damaging particles (nails or wire). The bomb squad carried out a controlled Subversion of the subject, previously cordoned off part of the Central district of Grenland.

Against the teenager were charged under article 142 of the “Illegal handling of hazardous substances” of the Criminal code of Norway, which is part of the recently adopted in the country’s anti-terrorism legislation and provides for a penalty of imprisonment up to 15 years.

However, as later reported by the Norwegian media, in August this article was changed to another article 191 b “Possession of weapons with intent to commit a serious criminal offence” for which the term of imprisonment cannot exceed 10 years. The reason for the change of the article was that the bomb, assembled by a teenager, was not as dangerous as initially assumed by the police.

As reported earlier by the security Police, a young man living in Norway in 2010, where along with his parents arrived from Russia as a refugee and subsequently gained permanent residence. According to media reports, he could hold radical views and sympathize with the Islamists.

According to the newspaper “Aftenposten” several years ago, a teenager supported by familiarity with the two who lived in Norway from Chechnya who have joined extremist groups in Syria. According to the lawyer of the arrested, since then, the young man reconsidered their views and now reject the ideology of radical Islamists.