Moscow reserves the right to reply in connection with the seizure of the US diobjects

Moscow reserves the right to reply in connection with the seizure of the US diobjects

MOSCOW, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. Moscow declares a decisive protest in connection with the actions of the US authorities to seize the Russian diobjects in San Francisco and reserves the right of reply, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

“We Express our decisive protest against the new hostile action of the United States. We reserve the right to answer. The cornerstones of diplomacy have always been the principle of reciprocity. Accordingly, understand that the Americans, breaking into our overseas missions, has agreed to the possibility of similar treatment with their representative offices in Russia”, — said in a statement on the Agency’s website.

The U.S. closed the Consulate of the Russian Federation on 2 September, but allowed the diplomats living in the building, stay there until 1 October. The Russian foreign Ministry said on Monday about the next illegal entry into the territory of the closed Consulate. The US state Department confirmed the next “bypass” closed at the request of the American side of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco after he left the last Russian diplomats.

In early September this year, the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco, as well as sales offices in Washington and new York were transferred to the U.S. side at the request of the state Department. The state Department previously demanded to close the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, building of the trade mission in Washington and rent, trade mission in new York until 2 September, citing the response to the Russian proposal to reduce the number of employees of the US diplomatic mission in Russia. Russia has described the actions of the hostile step.