Sobchak suggested that Navalny does not go by Lenin and be together

Sobchak suggested that Navalny does not go by Lenin and be together

Bulk actions weaken the opposition, said in referring to him Ksenia Sobchak. She didn’t understand why he doesn’t want to unite with her and the “as before”, and added that he was gathering a full house for commercial performances.

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak appealed through your Instagram to the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny why he’s refusing joint action.

Sobchak again reproached Bulk that he speaks on behalf of all dissenters and monopolisitic “on this subject.” Together, said Sobchak, they could do much more.

As a result, your actions come only hundreds of people, although it is clear that you have much in the way and it is also necessary to take into account. But still, we can do more if we are together! Because of your monopoly we all look like a small group, weak and useless are not able. And it’s not. So many of us!Ksenia Sobchak

“Why now, when it’s so important to show how many of us, you, for example, does not unite with me, with many others to become stronger? As it was before, when no one “did not prevent the? she continued and stated that plays to full houses during their commercial performances across the country. She asked the opposition, and why “Leninist first dissociate and then to unite if, instead, “can work together to formulate a plan of action.”

At the end of the message Sobchak admits that does not understand the motives of Bulk and asks him to explain. According to her, inevitably Navalny faces new criminal term.