Rapper Timati announced he was leaving the stage for my daughter

Rapper Timati announced he was leaving the stage for my daughter

MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russian rap artist Timati announced that it will retire to spend more time with his daughter. The musician wrote in Instagram.

Timothy said that his solo concert to be held on 4 November in SC “Olympic” will be his last major speech of this kind in Moscow in the coming years.

I sincerely do not understand a huge number of people writing: How? The last concert? Don’t go… etc. Instead of having to pull phrases out of context, isn’t it easier just to look at documental entirely )) the Fourth of November in SC “Olympic” will really be my last Big one !! Solo !! Concert !! In Moscow !! In the coming 2-3years. This level of show and setting + preparation of such sites as the Olympic, require months of work. As well as writing the self-titled album, which will be released in spring next year and subsequent tour #Pokoleniyami !! All this + business project takes 90% of my time !! And I would like, in all this bustle, without missing the childhood of his daughter. And to give her more time !!! I hope so clear. I’m not leaving the scene, just sensibly prioritize. Thank you for understanding and see you in the “Olympic” ???

Publication from Black Star (@timatiofficial) sen 29 2017 at 4:57 PDT

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According to the rapper, concert work, recording albums and the business projects take almost all of his time, but he did not want “to miss a childhood” to his daughter. “I’m not leaving the scene, just more soberly prioritize,” concluded the musician.