A five year old child in Chita found salvation from the beating his stepfather in the store products

In the TRANS-Baikal region opened a criminal case on the inhabitant of Chita who is suspected of beating five-year-old stepson. On Friday, September 29, the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

In supervising Department found out that the last six months, the boy lived with his mother and her boyfriend. In the absence of women the man beat the child with fists on the head and inflicted a beating with the cord from my phone charger and a belt, forced to kneel on rice. When the mother returned from work, he explained the injuries and trauma of the boy that he “hit the cot or playing in the yard with the boys”.

“Despite the fact that the relatives and the mother knew about the abuse of a child, they took no action, and the boy was forced to appeal for help to the employees of the grocery store, who reported it to the police”, — is spoken in the message.

Man charged under part 2 of article 117 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Infliction of physical or mental suffering through systematic beatings”). In relation to the child’s mother, addressed the issue of institution of the case under article 156 (“Default of duties on education of minors”).