The police closed almost all the areas for holding of the Catalan referendum

The police closed in Catalonia, the majority of space, which was intended to be for voting on the question of the independence of the region. This is the official page of the office on Twitter.

In particular, it clarifies the Reuters, closed 1,300 schools. The guards noted that some public buildings and spaces housed people with children to “prevent possible intervention by the police”.

Proponents of secession from Spain, told the RIA Novosti news Agency that if law enforcement bodies will interfere with the referendum in schools, a vote will take place in hospitals and churches.

The government of Catalonia plan to hold a referendum on independence on 1 October. Madrid is trying to prevent this. September 20, police arrested 14 high-ranking officials associated with the preparation of the referendum on the region’s independence from Madrid. In addition, security forces raided the offices of the regional authorities — the tax and financial services, as well as in the premises of the telecommunications company.

On 13 September it was reported that the General Prosecutor of Spain has opened more than 700 criminal cases against mayors and heads of municipalities of the Catalan cities because of the preparation for the referendum on independence.

Catalonia — a region in the North-East of Spain, which seeks to secede from the Kingdom. The Parliament of Catalonia on 9 November 2014, voted for sovereignty. The Declaration, which was supported by the majority of parliamentarians, set the period of eighteen months, during which Catalonia should get independence.