FSB eight hours examined $2 million received Ulyukaev

FSB eight hours examined $2 million received Ulyukaev

The prosecution read out the Protocol of examination of the money seized from ex-Minister of economic development during the arrest.

The Federal security service examined eight hours seized during the arrest of the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev $ 2 million, which he received from the chief Executive of Rosneft Igor Sechin as a bribe. As the correspondent of the Business FM, it follows from the Protocol of inspection of the seized cash, which was announced today at the meeting of the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow Prosecutor Paul Filipchuk.

Because today none of the witnesses in the process did not appear, the prosecution examines the written materials of the case. So, the Prosecutor read out the Protocol of inspection of money, which was compiled on 14 November 2016. “The inspection began at 10:00 and ended at 18:00 the same day,” said the Prosecutor.

According to him, the money was withdrawn from a cardboard box, which sealed the economic security service of FSB. They lay in a brown leather bag with a lock. It came with a key FOB. 180 packs of denominations of 100 dollars (1 million 800 thousand dollars) was Packed in a plastic bag. Another 20 packs (200 thousand dollars) was not packaged in plastic, and was treated with a special substance which is manifested “Mascara-7”.

The Prosecutor noted that the participants of the investigative actions, after reviewing the Protocol comments to the document did not. The Prosecutor also added that the funds showed no signs of tampering, and the integrity of polymeric packaging in which they were not violated.

Also, the Prosecutor announced the Protocol of inspection of the BMW car in which the speaker arrived at the office of “Rosneft”. In it, in particular, were found leaflets “Rosneft” and “gift food basket”. The investigation led by the UK, and operational support was provided by the Federal security service.