The media learned about the readiness of London to pay 45 billion euros over Brexit

Theresa May

London is ready to pay the European Union to 40 billion pounds (45 billion euros) for the withdrawal from the Commonwealth. This statement, as I wrote on Saturday, September 23, The Times, was made Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

The head of government added that in a significant compromise, the UK will fulfil the commitments taken during the EU membership, and that no European country will be left out of a Brexit.

In early August, the media reported about the readiness of London to pay to the EU 40 billion euros. As the conditions for the transfer of this amount was called the agreement of Brussels for the discussion of the financial settlement as part of the agreement on future relations, including a trade agreement between London and the EU.

At the same time, the European Commissioner for budget and human resources g√ľnther Oettinger said that London will have to pay money to Brussels until at least 2020. He explained that although the UK should leave the EU in 2019, a program which she promised to Fund, and will be implemented after this period. It is estimated that the Kingdom will finally settle their obligations by 2023.

The decision to withdraw the UK from the EU were adopted by referendum on 23 June 2016. The rejection of EU membership was supported by more than half of voters.