Media: Linda Hamilton returns in terminator

Media: Linda Hamilton returns in terminator

TASS, September 20. American actress Linda Hamilton will star in the sixth tape of the Saga “the Terminator” after more than 25 years since the last appearance in the film series, said on Wednesday the magazine the Hollywood Reporter.

According to the newspaper, this was announced at a private event in honor of the legendary franchise, in which the producer of the sixth film James Cameron and made a statement.

It is also known that the film will appear a lot of new characters. So, according to Cameron, the authors of the paintings are currently looking for a young actress in a major role.

Earlier it became known that Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in the sci-Fi action movie, which brought him worldwide fame. Cameron then confirmed that the former Governor of California will play the role of the Terminator, and his prototype — man.

Actress Linda Hamilton was born September 26, 1956, in the U.S. state of Maryland. Played the role of Sarah Connor in two films of the Saga “the Terminator” (1984) and “Terminator 2: judgment day” (1991).

After the first two pictures released “Terminator 3: rise of the machines” (2003), “Terminator: salvation” (2009) and “Terminator: Genesis” (2015). Schwarzenegger played the robot in four of them. Cameron directed the first two films.