Two men killed in a shooting in the Bavarian bar

A man opened fire on visitors of one of the pubs in Traunreut, Bavaria, Germany. On Sunday, September 17, according to the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

In a shooting killed two 31-year-old men, two women age 50 years and 28 seriously injured. At the moment, it turns out, was whether the victims are linked.

Police detained the suspect, they found 62-year-old local resident. His apartment was searched, they found weapons and ammunition. The motives of the crime are established.

The shooting occurred at about 22:30 on Saturday. Shots were heard by one of the residents, he called the police.

From 16 September in Bavaria is the Oktoberfest beer festival.

In August it was reported that in the U.S. city of Charleston, South Carolina, the man in the restaurant took hostage several people. As a result, one of them was killed.