The head of the Moscow headquarters of the Bulk was hit with a pipe on the head

In Moscow unknown persons attacked the opposition leader Nikolai Laskina, head of the Metropolitan headquarters of Alexei Navalny. About this the victim said on Twitter on Friday, September 15.

“Hit several times with an iron pipe. And fled,” wrote Laskin, adding that it is in an ambulance being taken to Sri behalf of the Sklifosovsky.

In an interview with “Russian service Bi-bi-si” the opposition leader said that he has “a huge hematoma the size of a kiwi”.

“Interfax” the Laskin reported that the incident occurred on prospect Mira near the headquarters. According to him, the attacker attacked from behind. One shot, as said the victim “Mediazone”, hit the head, the second in the shoulder. The activist said that he intends to contact the police.

In April there was an attack on Alexei Navalny’s claims about presidential ambitions. Policy poured green paint, with the result that he received a chemical burn of the right eye and was forced to treat traveling abroad. In fact the incident was filed, but in July, the police suspended the investigation due to the fact that the person subject to bringing to the investigation as the accused, is not established.