Sergey Naryshkin has called for a balanced assessment of the 1917 revolution


Parliamentary newspaper

The Chairman of the Russian historical society (RIO) Sergey Naryshkin believes it is important that at carrying out of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution, were able to sustain a balanced approach to the assessment of those historical events. He reported about it at session of organizing Committee on preparation and holding of events connected with the centennial of the revolution, held in the building TASS.

“From the beginning, it took a very large number of events, we have implemented many projects dedicated to the revolutionary events that have been devoted to understanding the reasons and implications of the revolution in 1917, — said Naryshkin. — I would like to underline that the organizers of the events have already been scheduled up to the end of the year, supported the position of the organizational Committee about the need for a very sensitive and balanced approach to the analysis of the causes and outcomes of the revolution of 1917 and respect for historical memory”. “I am glad that this idea, the installation of the organizing Committee met with understanding in society and in the professional environment. I want to thank all of our associates.”

According to Sergei Naryshkin, is now preparing to release the new textbook, “the Great Russian revolution. 10 questions” designed for use in schools.

“The manual is posted on the RIO website and because of this, anyone may access is available set out the scientific view of revolutionary events, their causes and consequences,” — said Naryshkin.

Co-chair of RIO, the rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov, in turn, that this year Russia planned 118 themed events, dedicated to the revolution.

“Currently, were 44, up to the end of this year will take all other”, — said Anatoly Torkunov.

In particular, before the end of the year it is planned to hold several major exhibitions and an international conference at MGIMO with participation of 70 foreign historians specializing in the Russian revolution, reports TASS.