The head of the diving Federation, Udmurt Republic, died in Sochi underwater cave

Vladimir Fedorov

In Sochi, killed the head of the Federation of underwater sports of the Udmurt Republic Vladimir Fedorov, reports TASS. His body after three days of searching speleologica found in the Underground cave Host.

“The body of Vladimir Fedorov discovered at a depth of 42 meters. Extract it failed, and on Friday work on the rise will continue,” — said the representative of the Investigative Committee.

Fedorov has not risen to the surface after a dive in one of the caves Vorontsovskaya system that combines four caves connected by water-filled channels.

First search for the diver began the Sochi rescuers, but with the help of existing equipment, they were able to examine only part of the karst cavity. On Thursday in Sochi came a group of speleological.

According to a source who participated in the search, a diver was killed while trying to rise to the surface. “He got caught in someone had left in the past a diving signal cord” — the interlocutor explained.

Fedorov is known for having made a dive to 88 meters in the underwater cave located in the Blue lake on the river Chusovaya in the Perm region, which is recognized as the deepest underground cave in the country.

The disappearance of the diver’s investigators began preliminary examination.