The CEC confirmed the legitimacy of the election results in the Kuban

Elections of deputies of Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region have been legitimate. This is a conclusion made by the working group of the Central election Commission (CEC) on the results of check of observance of the electoral legislation in the region, reports “Interfax” on Friday, September 15.

“At the end of the audit, taking into account the recommendations of the working group, the regional election Commission canceled the results of voting only on two sites in Krasnodar, but they did not have a significant effect on the overall result of the elections”, — said the representative of the CEC Valery Kryukov.

According to him the two plots, which had been canceled the results of voting belonged to the Krasnodar territorial election Commission of Krasnodar. He said that on one of them on the day of the vote were not given the opportunity to vote to everyone voters, and the other revealed a case of re-entry of the final Protocol to the automated system “Elections”. “Re-entry of data is a serious violation, but he was only entering the top of the final Protocol and did not affect the overall results of the vote,” he explained.

Earlier on Friday it became known that the Election Commission of Krasnodar region annulled the results of voting on elections to the regional Parliament in two polling stations.

September 10, in the Krasnodar region chose deputies of the regional Parliament of the sixth convocation. By voting “United Russia” received 70,78% of the votes, the Communist party — 11.53%, LDPR — 11.15 percent. Not passed the 5% barrier at voting by party lists “Fair Russia” and “Communists of Russia”. In the voting took part 42,06% of the vote.