Robot conductor played the concert of Philharmonic orchestra

Robot conductor played the concert of Philharmonic orchestra

YuMi two-armed robot has learned to conduct the orchestra.

For this purpose, the conductor of the Philharmonic orchestra of Lucca in Italy was ruled by the hands of the robot, and the recorded motion and subsequently repeated them on their own. 12 September 2017, the robot acted as conductor at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa in the framework of the First international festival of robotics. This is the website of the manufacturer ABB robot.

Usually the engineers are trying to automate with robots is easy at work or at home. But the man in his life plays and creative tasks that the computer systems are much more difficult to handle. Swiss robot manufacturer ABB has decided to try to replace the robot conductor of the orchestra.

Because to truly teach the robot completely independently lead the orchestra and improvise during performances is extremely difficult, the engineers chose a different approach. They asked the conductor of the Philharmonic orchestra of Lucca Andrea Colombini show the robot the desired motion. The conductor was moving the manipulators of the robot as if it was his hands, and the robot will remember these movements. This entry is then slightly adjusted in a special program to make these precision-matched music.

During the download an error has occurred.Orchestra musicians say that they needed some time to get used to such conductor, and correctly recognize its movement.

After that, the orchestra held a public presentation with the participation of the robot. It happened at the First international robotics festival at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa. The orchestra performed a program called “Breath of hope: from Stradivarius to the robot”, one of the songs as performed tenor Andrea Bocelli.

Robot Yumi performed at the gala concert of the International festival of robotics in Pisa

The robot’s developers note that despite a successful performance, yet such a robot cannot replace a real conductor on a permanent basis, since it merely reproduces the recorded sequence of movements. If the orchestra goes out of tempo, so the conductor will not be able to improvise and synchronize statement.