On Yamal man shot walking with the owner of the dogs with a hunting rifle

In the town of Muravlenko, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, the police checks on the fact of the execution of two dogs breed Yakutian Laika walking with his owner in a wooded area. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Ministry of interior on Friday, September 15.

According to the statement women, her companions opened fire with a hunting rifle by an unknown man. As a result, one dog died and another was injured.

The police found the suspect is a resident of the Tyumen region, 1984 year of birth. He seized a hunting gun. “At the time of committing the act the man was sober, in his explanation, he denies his guilt,” — said the Agency.

On 24 August it was reported that an unknown man fired from the traumatic weapon two dogs in the Park Gersinska capital’s Biryulevo — Central Asian shepherd dog and boxer. And when one of the two mistresses of the animals tried to stop him, the man hit her on the head, causing the woman suffered a concussion.