North Korea launched a rocket

Continued: the South Korean military has launched its own ballistic missile

North Korea on Friday, 15 September, launched a rocket of unknown type from the area of Sunan in its capital Pyongyang to the East. About it reports Reuters, citing South Korean military.

The U.S. military and South Korea have begun to analyze the details of the launch, reported in the Office of the joint chiefs of staff of the Republic of Korea.

According to the Committee of chiefs of staffs of Armed forces of South Korea, the maximum altitude of the rocket was about 770 miles, it traveled approximately 3700 miles, reports “Yonhap”.

In South Korea convened an emergency meeting of the national security Council.

In Tokyo said the projectile flew over the Japanese Islands. “The DPRK released the missile with 7:04 (1:04 GMT) to 7:06 (1:06 GMT) over the Japanese territory and fell in the 2000 miles from Cape Erimo in Hokkaido,” said the Secretary-General of the government of Japan of Yoshihide Suga at a press conference.

“To this hour we have no information about any damage caused to the ships and aircraft. There is also no information about the discovery of the fallen on our territory fragments of the missiles”, — quotes RIA Novosti his words.

On 12 September the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution imposing new sanctions against the DPRK. So, there will be restrictions on exports to North Korea of oil products. Is also the limit on the supply of crude oil to the Republic — the volume should not exceed the figures for the past 12 months. Also, the DPRK will not be able to purchase condensate and gas liquids will not be able to sell textile products. The security Council expressed its readiness to support the six-party talks and urged their resumption.

September 3, North Korea announced the successful underground test of a hydrogen warhead for Intercontinental ballistic missiles. Recent seismological data of Japanese experts presented September 6, indicate that the power of the explosion was about 160 kilotons.