More than half of Russians were dissatisfied with their salary

More than half of Russians were dissatisfied with their salary

Almost three quarters (73%) of Russians are satisfied with their work, according to a survey conducted by Fund “Public opinion”. At the same time, 61% of respondents are dissatisfied get a job as a reward.

In General, the Russians were satisfied with their jobs. The majority of respondents are satisfied with their schedule (83%) and working conditions (80%). Even more respondents (90%) are satisfied with the relations that they have built with colleagues. Only 18% of Russians stated that they were dissatisfied with the attitude of the authorities.

Only 27% of respondents say that they work too much, while 66% believe their employment appropriate.

The only problematic aspect of the work for most Russians was the level of salaries 37% reported that it suits them.

Sociologists have offered the survey participants a choice between a job that they absolutely don’t like, though, brings twice as much income than now, and favorite work, which will not be paid higher than the present. The opinions of the respondents split almost equally. As it turned out, the majority of Russians are ready to work at an unpleasant job, while receiving a lot of money (46%). At the same time, slightly less (45%) of people are willing to give up more earnings for your favorite.

The day before, on 14 September, the polls were tested for knowledge of history. “Very well,” their knowledge estimates only 3% of the country’s citizens. The majority of respondents are unable to answer, who in 1917 overthrew the Bolsheviks when Russia withdrew from the First world war and when was the Russo-Japanese war.